I'm Casey, and I make things work.


My passion is to leverage the intersection of design and engineering to solve real-world problems in a variety of fields, whether the solution be built of ideas, lines of code, or physical machinery and electronic components. I have a decade of mechatronics experience across a variety of applications, having built my first robot at age 9 and never looked back since.

I'm currently studying Design and EECS at MIT, and also working at the Little Devices Lab to prototype assistive technologies for disadvantaged groups. My long term goal is to continue this work of making for good, focusing especially on developing regions and sustainability.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as design studios and workshops were closed, I started working at Formlabs as a SLS Process Engineer. There I've matured into a competent engineer, producing PR-ready code, thinking creatively to solve thermal artifacts with pre-processing code, and devising new tests to quantify whatever needs an accurate number put to it. Some of my current thermal control work is patent-pending as well!